Covers all activities under Quality Control department like, Sample Analysis, OOS process, Stability, Retest,
Working / Reference Standards, COA, Instrument Calibration and many more..!

GMPPro Laboratory information Management System

GMPPro Laboratory information Management System

Complete Control of Laboratory Information Systems

At any pharmaceutical company, one of the most important processes is the collection and analysis of samples. Streamlining and closely managing these processes is one of the best ways to ensure the integrity of your company and your products. Laboratory methods that involve multi-stage criteria among both internal and external auditors can get complicated. With growing regulations and increasingly complex compliance measures, it is crucial to have a system that manages all your analyses in accordance with current industry standards. One way to maintain controlled sample and analysis procedures is to implement a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

GMPPro LIMS That Integrates all Laboratory and Manufacturing Process With laboratories in cGMP manufacturing facilities facing rapidly changing cycles, each pharmaceutical company needs a LIMS capable of dealing with these constant fluctuations. You need a pharmaceutical LIMS that is equipped to deal with change, integration, data distribution, adapting to new processes along the way. Motto Systems’ Laboratory Information Management System provides a comprehensive set of tools that address workflow, supply chain management, and resource planning while integrating different departments and systems. The software also integrates changing control requirements, authorization procedures, and the synchronization of data.

GMPPro LIMS enhances the performance of both laboratory and manufacturing processes, providing your company with the tools it needs to succeed amidst changing regulations. Our GMPPro laboratory solution effectively meets all of your company’s requirements, serving as a solid foundation for your business’ evolution. GMPPro LIMS can connect to any system or instrument, supporting any changes in the existing system’s business logic. This is an efficient and scalable solution responsive to any pharmaceutical laboratory’s workflow model, with the ability to adapt to unique needs.

Why Choose GMPPro LIMS?

With many large and small pharmaceuticals relying on us for data integrity and innovative workflows, Motto’s GMPPro LIMS has proven to be the industry’s reliable laboratory management system. Our system provides the functions necessary for batch management, stability testing, management of consumables, and environmental monitoring. With the ability to efficiently balance your existing resources with incoming work, this is the ideal solution to organize and accelerate company growth.

The GMPPro LIMS is a valuable tool to invest in to stay on top among the increasingly crowded and commercial pharmaceutical world. By providing companies with efficient processes and workflows, our LIMS solution continues to exceed industry standards. Motto’s GMPPro LIMS evaluates results and enforces regulatory compliance according to cGMP, ensuring that all output is compliant and ready for submission. The system was designed to stand up to competitors by catering to specific user requirements moving into the future.

Salient Features

  • Robust management of samples, lots and batches

  • Determining work allocation, workflow and managing schedules
  • Tracking for regulatory compliance in force.
  • Integration of Laboratory instruments to automate data collection
  • In-built Security for system access, privacy of authorized users
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Easy configuration to allow system updating to changing business needs
  • Local server or cloud-based deployment
  • Scalable from individual user to global implementation
  • Easy to use screens, viewing results and analyzing trends
  • Results approval and electronic signatures
  • Flexible reporting and ease of achieving compliance
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • System support and training for end-users and database administrators

The Motto Systems LIMS is a bankable solution to compete in the increasingly crowded and commercial pharmaceutical environment with efficient processes and workflows. Evaluating results, enforcing regulatory compliance according to cGMP, integrating logic based on industry standards, the solution generates submission-ready compliant output. An exemplary solution designed to outperform competition and perfect fit to specific user requirements both current and future.

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