Covers all activities under Quality Control department like, Sample Analysis, OOS process, Stability, Retest,
Working / Reference Standards, COA, Instrument Calibration and many more..!

GMPPro Laboratory information Management System

Convergence, Integration & Complete Control Of Laboratory Systems

In the realm of Pharmaceuticals a major activity is the collection of samples and their subsequent analyses. Multi-stage acceptance criteria of both internal and external auditors converge to highly complicated laboratory testing methods. The staple scenario of growing stringent regulations and complex compliance demand up-gradation of running systems and a robust LIMS to integrate changed requirements of control, authorization procedures, synchronization of data, standard interconnection to other systems, and instrumentation.

Subject to rapid-change cycles, the pharmaceutical R&D and QA/QC laboratories in cGMP manufacturing facilities merit a translatable informatics system flexibly dealing with change, integration and distribution of data according to new processes. As such, any solution endorsing comprehensive information strategies employing new tools addressing workflow, supply chain management, resource planning, integrating different departments and systems, is well-received.

Achieving benchmark quality is Motto Systems LIMS, a prolific solution that decisively enhances laboratory and manufacturing performances. With superior capabilities to connect to any system or instrument using powerful integration tools allowing changed behavior in the business logic of the system, but with no recourse to custom-coding, the solution swiftly and efficiently resolves business requirements, both current or evolving.

It is a highly configurable and scalable solution system responsive to any pharmaceutical laboratory’s workflow model as well as to unique needs. Relied upon by large and small pharmaceuticals for data integrity, innovative workflows and functionality required for batch management, stability testing, consumables management, environmental monitoring, integration beyond databases, and for an ability to balance resources on hand and workload that’s coming in.

Salient Features

  • Robust management of samples, lots and batches

  • Determining work allocation, workflow and managing schedules
  • Tracking for regulatory compliance in force.
  • Integration of Laboratory instruments to automate data collection
  • In-built Security for system access, privacy of authorized users
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Easy configuration to allow system updating to changing business needs
  • Local server or cloud-based deployment
  • Scalable from individual user to global implementation
  • Easy to use screens, viewing results and analyzing trends
  • Results approval and electronic signatures
  • Flexible reporting and ease of achieving compliance
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • System support and training for end-users and database administrators

The Motto Systems LIMS is a bankable solution to compete in the increasingly crowded and commercial pharmaceutical environment with efficient processes and workflows. Evaluating results, enforcing regulatory compliance according to cGMP, integrating logic based on industry standards, the solution generates submission-ready compliant output. An exemplary solution designed to outperform competition and perfect fit to specific user requirements both current and future.